Technology: Peer-to-peer evaluation platform

Keywords: Peer-to-peer, Evaluation, Digital Service Design

Performance evaluation of employees in companies constitutes an important step in the process of internal development. Traditional methods used so far such as the classic top-down evaluation have shown to be unsuitable in most cases. The main problem resides in the single point of failure of the system. Our solution to the problem was to eliminate this single point of failure and distribute the risk in a peer-to-peer network, since employees have more compliance with their co-worker’s view of their individual work performance (as shown by the results of our survey). Instead of having one person evaluating all their employees, we chose to let employees evaluate each other in an anonymous environment. With the addition of the randomization of evaluation targets, we were able to minimize the damage to work climate and ensure a high degree of honesty during evaluation. Our streamlined evaluation form contains a minimal number of categories and questions, but still ensures meaningful results. To further motivate employees, we have setup a reward system in which the best performers in each cycle can earn badges to display their admirable performance to others. Finally, through our goal setting feature, we stimulate individual growth within each worker.

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