Technology: HTML

Keywords: Project Team Assignment, Gamification, Auction, Projects, Motivation

In Germany we are rooted in a management culture where the heads of organizational units have clear and encompassing responsibilities for their units. An important part of their responsibility is the assignment of tasks and projects to their employees. Traditionally, managers exclusively and unilaterally make such assignment decisions. But in a fast-paced corporate world with an increasing number of knowledge workers, is this really the most effective way to assign project teams?

In the practical seminar “Digital Service Design” we took on the challenge to explore innovative alternatives to such traditional concepts of assigning team members to project teams, using the possibilities of digitization. This prototype shows our team’s process in detail to come up with an innovative approach of how to better and more effectively staff projects with the right people, i.e. with the right skillset at their time of availability to the right projects while considering their skills, training and expertise as well as their interests, goals and passions.


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